BLOG Promotes The Arrive Alive Campaign at R-H

BLOG Promotes The Arrive Alive Campaign
Posted on 04/19/2018
BLOG and State Police with the Arrive Alive Campaign

Each year the Be Leaders of Our Generation organization promotes the Arrive Alive Campaign at Randolph-Henry. As an effort to keep teen drivers safe, Virginia State Troopers and Charlotte County Deputies conducted pre and post seatbelt and distractive driving checks two mornings this week at the entrances of both R-H parking lots.  In order to simulate real-life experiences, The Virginia State Police Distractive Driving Simulator was used in a lesson for students and teachers.  During the lessons, driving participants used drunk driving virtual reality googles and attempted to control a 2 bench golf cart as they wheeled around in the controlled simulation area of the parking along Statesmen Drive.  The area included obstacles such as baby strollers, bicycles, oranges cones dictating the desired course, and other objects.  Not only were virtual reality googles used, but the attendees were also instructed on the dangers of being distracted when driving by inferences like a cellphone, radio, passengers, dropped objects, and more.  Hands-on activities were a valuable assets to the lessons.  According to the Drive Smart Virginia website, 9 people are killed and over 1,000 are injured in crashes involving distracted driving EACH DAY.  The R-HHS BLOG organization is dedicated to saving as many lives as possible, not just students at Randolph-Henry.  To spread awareness, the student BLOG members pass out informational note cards and gifts to anyone that will step up and take the pledge to sign the banner to “Arrive Alive” to all of their events.  With the upcoming Prom event, this week served as perfect timing for reminders involving life-saving tips for student drivers.